DTI to penalize supermarkets for price tag violations


Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Under Secretary Teodoro Pascua leads an inspection of a grocery store in Mandaluyong City. TV5 SCREENSHOT

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Trade and Industry has issued a show cause order against two branches of big supermarkets for

failing to put price tags on some noche buena items that will be served on the dinner table on Christmas eve.

The show cause order compels the supermarket to explain why it failed to put the price tags on the items. Otherwise, the establishment faces a fine of up to P50,000.

DTI Under Secretary Teodoro Pascua said the price tags should have been put at the storage area and not when the items are placed in the shelves.

On Tuesday, personnel of the DTI conducted an inspection of a grocery store on Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City to see if the suggested retail price (SRP) of its merchandise are within the tolerable price limit.

To inform the public, the DTI posted at the grocery’s entrance a list of items with their SRPs.

Due to the heavy demand for noche buena items such as fruit cocktails and spaghetti noodles, some small supermarkets are already experiencing a shortage of supply because the deliveries of the goods are sometimes delayed.

Steven Cua, president of the Phil. Amalgamated Supermarkets Association, attributed the shortage to the big demand by corporate buyers of noche buena bags which are given to employees.

He also said distributors are having a hard time distributing items to new stores that are opening up.

The DTI has requested the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority  (MMDA) to fast track the issuance of special permits for delivery vans so as not to curtail the supply of essential goods.

The DTI said there is no reason for prices of goods to increase because manufacturers have ample supplies of commodities.