Falcis brothers deny that signing P400k check was admission of guilt

Falcis brothers deny that signing P400k check was admission of guilt

The Falcis brothers on Wednesday refuted the claim of Kris Aquino that his ex-business partner Nicko Falcis somehow admitted that he indeed misappropriated her company’s funds when he signed a check amounting to P400,000 supposedly to appease the actress.
“The moment that she got angry at me in September 2018, I thought it was a demand for payment. That’s why we did that,” Nicko said in an exclusive interview with Nelson Canlas aired on GMA’s 24 Oras.

Nicko’s brother, lawyer Jess Falcis, backed him up.

“Hindi po admission against interest yung P400,000 na check, okay? Kasi po sa totoo lang, kung titingnan po ng mga tao ‘yung timeline, lahat po ng credit card charges na hinihingi back ni Kris Aquino ay nabayaran na niya nung panahon na binill siya nitong credit card company which means there was implied consent, ni-ratify na niya ‘yan,” Jess said.

Aquino filed 44 counts of qualified theft charges against Nicko Falcis for allegedly abusing the credit card of her company Kristina C. Aquino Productions (KCAP). She accused Nicko of charging P1,270,980.31 to the KCAP Card for his personal expenses without her consent.

The actress also said that Nicko has also yet to account for the P40 million that he allegedly stole from her.

“He (Nicko) signed a P400,000 check, acknowledging that he did abuse company funds. Whether it is 4,000, 14,000, nagnakaw ka. Give me a break. That was an admission against his interest. The question is what is Nicko doing to pay the remaining balance,” Kris earlier said.

The beleaguered ex-business partner said that he just wants this whole thing to stop.

“She threatened my life. This has to stop. I just really want her out of our lives. You know, my family and I are not part of this circus and I never wished that we become part of her circus, her controversies,” Nicko said.

A audio clip recently circulated online with the voice of a woman threatening a sobbing person not to return to the Philippines.

Before this, Jess said that his brother Nicko received grave threats from Kris.

Kris, in a recent Facebook Live video, admitted that she was indeed the woman speaking on the line.

She said that she was just carried away by her emotions.

“Nagkamali ako dahil sa tindi ng galit ko, dahil nung panahon na ‘yun, I’ll put everything into context, my son was breaking down because he knew dahil nga kay Selena Gomez kung gaano ka-serious ang autoimmune disease,” Kris said.

The actress recently revealed that she was suffering from an autoimmune disease. — Dona Magsino/BAP, GMA News