Pinay in Dubai awakens from nine-month coma


Published February 9, 2017 8:58am

Perlie Almonte –screen-cap from News To Go

A Filipino woman who slipped into a nine-month coma in Dubai’s Rashid Hospital has regained consciousness and is recuperating.

In a statement last Monday, Dubai’s Health Authority said that Perlie Almonte, 35, was already on the “path to recovery” after regaining her consciousness, and that she couldn’t wait to be back to the Philippines to see her two children.

Almonte was first admitted to the hospital in April 2015, after she was found unconscious in the bathroom of her house.

Dr. Zeyad Al Rais, Head of Critical Care Department at the Rashid Hospital, said that Almonte slipped into a coma due to intracerebral hemorrhage, a life-threatening type of stroke caused by bleeding within the brain tissue.

“Perlie suffered from the intracerebral hemorrhage due to aneurysmal bleeding,” Al Rais was quoted as saying.

“Perlie underwent a surgical intervention to drain the blood. Due to the critical location of the bleeding, the respiratory and hemodynamic functions were affected, and she was kept on ventilator for more than 2 weeks, hence the decision was taken to perform tracheotomy, which helped her to gradually be weaned off the mechanical ventilation. We also started early physiotherapy to enhance her muscular power, while she was in coma,” Al Rais said.

By the time Perlie regained consciousness Dr. Al Rais said that he was able to start intensive active physiotherapy and put in place a neurological rehabilitation plan.

“Now, after nine months on being comatose on ventilator with tracheotomy tube, I am happy to say that the patient is fully conscious … and to see her sitting in the hospital bed, holding her phone, chatting with her family, and beside her is a bag of snacks, Al Rais said. —LBG, GMA News